Innovation and experimentation done by Teachers


1.The Students of class V Class , made their own power point presentations through the internet and kept intheir files.

The following students made CD’s


Manmath – VB           Anugrah-VC

Bharat – VB                Brijesh-VC

Nidhi– VB                  Samiksha-VC

Sugat– VB                  Suyash-VA

Aniket– VB                Sahil -VA

Venktesh– VB                        Gautam-VA



The topics covered in the presentations were

1.      Sunita in Space

2.      Walls tell Stories

3.      What if it finishes

4.      Monuments

5.      Museums

6.      A Shelter so high.


2.         In English also many students made their own power point presentations on


a)      Robinson Crusoe

b)      Rip wan Winkle

c)      Akbar-Birbal



3.         The students also brought so many things to study the concept of soluble

             insoluble material.


4.         They also Performed experiments based on sinking and floating materials.




“Copenhagen Challenge”


This is an educational game on climate change awareness which enables the children to understand in a better way about global warming. This CD is shown to the students from class I to V . It is full of information along with the questions. The Danish Government has a goal for COP15 to establish an ambitions global climate agreement which will apply to many countries after 2012


Through this CD, the students learnt so many scientific information. It is really very important as they can really bring some changes in environment keeping in view about global warming.